26 Oct 2018

Prep | Sports Results 26 October 2018

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Colts A vs Hartmann House.
Hartmann House 100 for 7 in 20 overs
Mark Ewing 3 for 12
St. John’s 103 for 7.
Luca Spagnuolo 24 runs; Sebastian Sarpo 30 runs; Sean Rielly 20 not out
St. John’s Prep won by 3 wickets.

Colts B vs Hartmann House
Hartmann House 61 all out.
St. John’s 66 for 3
St. John’s Prep won by 7 wickets.

3rd Team vs Hartmann House
Hartmann House 113 for 5
St. John’s 114 for 4
St. John’s Prep won by 6 wickets.

4th Team vs Hartmann House
Hartmann House 43 all out
St. John’s 44 for 2
St. John’s Prep won by 8 wickets.

1st Team vs Lilfordia 1st team
Lilfordia 83 for 4
Phillip Ewing 3 for 7
St. John’s 84 for 7
Connor Lovatt 23 runs
St. John’s won by 3 wickets

3rd team vs Lilfordia 2nd Team.
St. John’s 110 for 9
Anthony Manning 52 runs
Lilfordia 111 for 73
St. John’s lost by 3 wickets

5th Team vs Lilfordia 3rd Team
St. John’s 117 for 6
Ryan Mujuru 21 runs
Lilfordia 121 for 4
J. Mapurisa 3 for 16
St. John’s lost by 6 wickets

Colts B vs Alex Park Colts A
St. John’s 143 for 5
Mathew Sanders 38 runs
Alex Park 47 for 9
Hayden Croxford 3 for 7
Biswa Parida 4 for 9
St. John’s won by 96 runs







Our 1st and 2nd Teams played against Queensdale.
Our A team won 3-0 and B Team won 2-1

1st and 2nd Team vs Gateway.
1st team won 2-0 and 2nd Team won 2-0

1st and 2nd Team played against St. Martin.
1st Team won 2-0 and B Team won 2-0

1st team played against The Grange.
St. John’s won 2-0

Our B Team played an in-house fixture and our B1 beat the B2 2-1.







Results of the Flippers Gala held at St. John’s Prep.

7th: St. Michael’s 14 points
6th: St. John’s Prep B 51 points
5th: Hartmann House 60 points
4th: Eaglesvale 67 points
3rd: Chisipite 93 points
2nd: Hellenic 100 points
1st: St. John’s Prep A 115 points

Our Swim Team took part in the Pisces Gala held at Hartmann House. The results were at follows:
6th: Convent B/Hartmann House B 28 points
5th: Bishopslea B/Ruzawi B 55 points
4th: Chispiti B/ St. John’s B 74 points
3rd: Convent A/ Hartmann House A 93 points
2nd: Bishopslea A/Ruzawi A 97points
1st: Chisipite A/ St. John’s A 120 points

Whilst the quality of swimming was impressive, it was the determination displayed by the boys was quite outstanding. The chilly conditions did not help matters and we were proud of the manner in which the boys conducted themselves.

National Institute of Allied Arts

Congratulations to the following boys:
Speech and Drama Festival.
Harry Johnson 3rd Grade Solo poetry; 2nd Grade Prose Grade 6 + 7.
1st Grade with David Weller Duo Mime.
Honours- Monologue Jnrs
Honours- Arts Grade 6.

Jude Rudland- Honours in Visual Arts Grade 4

Munesu Chizema- Honours Visual Arts Grade 7

Grade 7 Group “Labowns”- Honours

Grade & Group “Zimbos”- Honours

Callum Smith- Speech and Drama 1st Grade Solo Poetry Grade 5
1st Grade Solo Mime Jnr
Honours Prose Grade 4 & 5
Honours Monolgue Jnr
Honours Grade 5 Poetry

Aurick Bose- 2nd Grade Solo Poetry Grade 6
1st Grade Monologue
1st Grade Solo Mime
1st Grade Prose 6 & 7

Kyle Heyns- Honours Grade 5 Poetry


Bradley Samuels Swam in the Mutare National Sprint Gala winning Gold in the 100m backstroke; Silver in the 50m backstroke; Silver in the 100m freestyle and Bronze in the 50m freestyle.

Sean Rielly swam in the Mutare National Sprint Gala and won a gold medal for the U10 50m freestyle; gold U10 50m backstroke and bronze U10 50m butterfly.
Kyle Heyns swam in the same competition and won a silver medal 50m freestyle.

Kyle Heyns represented Zimbabwe at the National SACSSA competition held in South Africa. He competed in the 1200m race winning gold and achieving a qualifying time for the youth Championships next month. Kyle was 3 seconds off the national record.

Joshua Pike won the Drum Pad Rudimental at St. John’s Collage.